Your Body: How much time do we need to spend working out?

By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

Whether you’re a so-called “weekend warrior” or a gym rat, everyone benefits from time spent worki... Read More

Your Body: Botox procedures increasing in the US

By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

There’s no doubt about it, the Botox business is booming.

Since 2011, the number of women receiving the cosmetic procedure has gone up more than... Read More

David Cassidy is battling dementia

(NEW YORK) -- Former Partridge Family star, David Cassidy, said he will stop touring as a musician so that he can focus on his health as he battles dementia.

"I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without ... Read More

Former neurosurgeon sentenced to life in prison for botched surgery

(DALLAS) -- A former Dallas neurosurgeon has been sentenced to life in prison after he maimed an elderly woman during surgery in 2012.

Mary Efurd testified against Dr. Christopher Duntsch, claiming his surgery was supposed to treat her chronic... Read More

Study: Majority of parents with children at home don't lock up prescribed opioids

(NEW YORK) -- Despite a rise in opioid dependency in the U.S., a majority of parents who have prescription opioids at home do not report storing them safely, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

Jus... Read More

Your Body: Over-diagnosis in breast cancer patients

DR. JENNIFER ASHTON, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor

A new study out of Denmark is sparking more debate as to whether mammography can lead to unnecessary treatments in some women.

Researchers found that one... Read More

Famine declared in South Sudan

(UNITY STATE, South Sudan) — Parts of South Sudan are experiencing a famine as the United Nations says some 100,000 people are facing starvation, according to a BBC News report. The famine affects part of Unity State in the northern region of t... Read More

64-year old gives birth to twins

(BURGOS, Spain) -- A 64-year old woman in northern Spain has given birth to healthy fraternal twins.

The mother had undergone fertility treatments in the United States. Both babies are in good health. The boy and girl weigh 5.3 lbs. and 4.8 lb... Read More

Grandma on bed rest delights social media with her stunning paintings

(NEW YORK) -- This grandma is delighting the internet with her stunning, colorful paintings.

Joan Holland, 83, has been on bed rest in her assisted living facility in Cranford, New Jersey, for one year, and admitted she gets bored. But rec... Read More

Woman suffering diabetic shock airlifted by Coast Guard from Royal Caribbean cruise ship

(NEW YORK) --  A 75-year-old woman experiencing diabetic shock was airlifted by the U.S. Coast Guard Saturday morning from a cruise ship located approximately 100 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The Coast Guard said its 5... Read More

Couple reveals pregnancy by pretending to take photos of family to capture 'authentic reaction'

(ATLANTA) -- One Atlanta couple had a novel way to reveal that they were expecting their first child.

Erika and Kareem Hall pretended to take photographs of their family, and instead of yelling, "Cheese!" they yelled, "New baby girl due in... Read More