Daughter gives dad kidney for Father's Day

(PALM BEACH, Fla.) -- This Father's Day, a daughter is giving her dad a priceless gift -- a second chance at life.

Florida high school music teacher Ronald Corbin had been on a waiting list... Read More

Vitamin D: Good for bones, and possibly the colon

(NEW YORK) -- Vitamin D helps maintain bone health, but could it also help prevent cancer? Researchers think it could lower the risk of colon cancer, because of its role in pathways related to cell growth and regulation.

This large interna... Read More

Female suicide rate jumps 50 percent since 2000

(NEW YORK) -- The rate of suicide for women increased by a staggering 50 percent between 2000 and 2016, according to a new study by the CDC.

The rate of suicide for men increased 21 percent over the same period, the study from the Centers ... Read More

Foods with carbs and fats together make the brain light up more, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- On a platter of cheese, pretzels and donuts, most people will probably reach for the donuts, according to a new study.

That could be because the brain values foods like donuts, with both fats and carbohydrates, more than food... Read More

Six steps you can take now to protect your mental health

(NEW YORK) -- Kate Spade was a designer whose name was synonymous with style and fun.

Anthony Bourdain was a celebrity chef and TV host who seemed to be at the top of his game, traveling the globe eating at exotic locales and connecting wi... Read More

Cash and a fitness device could help motivate people to exercise, study finds

(NEW YORK) -- Wearable fitness trackers can help people log their 10,000 daily steps, but can the devices help get heart-disease patients off the couch to start exercising?

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Associa... Read More

More than a third of American adults take prescription drugs that can cause depression: Study

(NEW YORK) -- More than one-third of American adults may be using prescription medications that can potentially cause depression or increase the risk of suicide, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Associatio... Read More

Nine babies born in 10 months to fertile Florida firehouse

(DAVIE, Fla.) -- An incredibly fertile firehouse in Florida has produced nine adorable babies in 10 months.

“It brings joy and closeness to the families,” said Read More

Are you a mindful eater? Mindfulness may help you lose weight

(NEW YORK) -- If you have ever sat on the couch to watch TV and eat “a few” chips and then stared down into an empty bag, mindful eating might make a difference.

The practice, which has gone from new-age to mainstream in the la... Read More

Can a tick really paralyze a person?

(NEW YORK) -- With a 5-year-old daughter she said was unable to walk and talk, a Mississippi mom urgently warned parents to check their children for ticks.

Jessica Griffin wrote on Facebook that doctors in Mississippi performed a multitude... Read More

Food at work adds up to a lot of extra, often empty, calories: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Donuts, cookies, pastries, the candy dish, the vending machine and more -- are office foods making people fat?

Perhaps. The first national study looking at what people eat at work and found that workers took in an average of ... Read More