3 Children, 1 Teen Injured in Separate Dog Attacks

COLUMBUS – Columbus Animal Control is asking the public to stay aware of stray dogs and cats, after 3 children and 1 teenager, were bitten in the face over the past two months.

The first incident was reported in late June, when a 17-year-old girl was walking by St. Isadore, says the release.  The girl was bitten in the face by a knee high brown dog, but the victim says she was unable to see the dog well, because the attack happened so quickly, says the release. The dog was not caught.

A second incident was reported  on August 19th, when a five year old was bitten in the face at Pawnee Park, says the release. The dog was spotted brown and white with long hair, and had a choke chain, says the release. Animal Control says the dog ran south of town.

The most recent incident was reported on August 28th, after an 8-year-old boy was bitten in the face near East 12th Avenue, by what is believed to be a black labrador retriever, says the release. The dog left the scene in an unknown direction.

Animal Control says each of the victims had to receive rabies treatment following the attacks, and says the attacks were all quick and unexpected.

An incident was reported to the Platte County Sheriff’s Office on August 12th, of a child being bitten in the face by a dog on east 25th Avenue. The dog in this case, was quarantined following the attack, and the child was treated at the hospital, says sheriff’s reports.

AC is asking all residents to be alert to stray animals, and to report them immediately.

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