A Fremont Dog Rescue Shelter Takes in Dogs Saved From Hurricane Harvey **VIDEO**

FREMONT – A Fremont rescue shelter is bringing dogs from all over the country into their facility.

Furever Home Inc. is a rescue shelter for dogs that was founded by local resident and dog lover Deb Steenblock. Steenblock invited KHUB and KFMT into their brand new facility at 236 W. 6th Street to speak with us about Furever Home, what they do, and what’s in store for the future. She says they bring dogs in from anywhere in the country and find them foster homes in Nebraska.

“On a national level, we pull dogs from death rows all across America. We arrange for them to be brought here to Fremont, and they are fostered pretty much throughout the state,” said Steenblock. “We have foster homes here in Fremont, Omaha, Lincoln, and also temporary fosters in all of the states that we pull the dogs from. So they can be temporarily housed until we can get transport arranged here.”

Steenblock spoke about deciding to open a local rescue shelter in Fremont, and how it all started with social media.

“A couple of years after I joined Facebook there were a lot of posts about awareness, and I found myself drawn to a lot of the dog ownership awareness, and dog care awareness. The next thing I know, I found my first rescue page, where a dog needed to be pulled off of death row,” said Steenblock. “It was a high-kill shelter where overpopulation is a problem. I just kind of got more and more drawn into the rescue effort, and before you know it, some of my friends and I had organized a rescue and have been off and running ever since.”

Furever Home has been licensed in Fremont since January, 2016. The dogs that are currently at their new facility are dogs that were rescued from Hurricane Harvey.

“On that pull was 21 dogs. We hopefully in about another two or three weeks will do about the same, until we see that these rescues and these shelters are back down to an operating norm,” said Steenblock. “But even on a good day they are busy and overpopulated.”

Furever Home also hosts many fundraising events throughout the year. Steenblock says their next event is the Paw-Liday Vendor Craft Fair.

“We host fundraisers and events all throughout the year. The craft fair is one of those things. We have several different vendors that will be there,” said Steenblock. “We will have a booth there. Our local cat rescue program will be there to provide information on adoptable cats and care. Other than that, we have lunch being served as well throughout the day. It’s October 14th at Christensen Field from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Events like this help us raise funds because vetting is our largest bill.”

For more information on Furever Home Inc. you can visit their website at fetchingfureverhomes.org or find them on Facebook at Furever Home Inc. You can also listen to our full interview with Deb Steenblock by going to 1340KHUB.com and TheBestMix1055.com and going to our Podcasts page.

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