Assistant City Administrator Discusses New Position on KHUB

FREMONT – Fremont Police Lieutenant Shane Wimer, also the Assistant City Administrator, visited with Bob Flitte on KHUB on Monday.

In August, the Fremont City Council approved the mayor’s appointment of Wimer to be the Assistant City Administrator to work with Brian Newton. Wimer says he has some “dual” responsibilities with his two jobs.

“My responsibilities will be overseeing the fire department, the library, parks and rec, the planning division, and also the police department, when Brian is absent. Police Chief Elliott and I are great friends, so he’s my boss 90% of the time,” said Wimer. “And then when Brian is off on vacation, we get together and talk about what needs to be done.”

Wimer also described some of the areas he oversees with his position of Assistant City Administrator.

“I’m basically just leading those department heads. And just assisting them in what they actually need. The police department now has a strong voice for this city administration to listen to,” said Wimer. “And maybe someone can come to me from the city administration, and I can explain a little better to them why the police department, or why the fire department does what they do, or what they need. So it’s an expertise that I have, because I’ve lived those worlds.”

Wimer has been on the Fremont Police force since 2001, and was a Dodge County Sheriff Deputy for 11 years before that. In 2008, he graduated from the FBI’s National Academy. As a law enforcement officer, Wimer twice served on the III Corps Drug Task Force. He says when he went undercover on two separate occasions, no one recognized him.

“I grew my hair out. I had hair down to the middle of my back. And I got thinner,” said Wimer. “I really changed my appearance. Kids I grew up with in high school, I’d walk right by them and they didn’t know who I was.”

Wimer said most of his “undercover drug buys” were away from Fremont.

“I didn’t make many purchases in the city. The vast majority of them were in Omaha, or Tekamah, or Blair. I did one in Vegas and one in Arkansas,” said Wimer. “It was a forever changing job and I absolutely loved it. A dangerous job yes, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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