Beatrice City Council Wants to Retain Curbside Collection Program

BEATRICE – At least half of the Beatrice City Council members want to keep a week-long city-wide large item pick-up program in place.   The issue now returns to the Beatrice Board of Public works, after that board recommended a landfill amnesty day over two Saturdays, in April.  Councilman Bob Morgan is among those who feel the traditional curbside project, should stay in place.  He says some people may not be able to haul large items to the landfill, even for no charge at the gate.

:15                  “to get there”

The large item collection by street and utility crew members cost about $25,000 to conduct last year….and in recent years, there have been abuses.  Many residents have simply used the curbside program in April, as a garbage dump.

Councilmen Rick Clabaugh, Rich Kerr and Ted Fairbanks support keeping the curbside collection.   Clabaugh says some adjustments could be examined.

:10                  “that’s it”

In recent years, city crews have faced things like dirty diapers and mattresses possibly infected with bedbugs.  Councilman Ted Fairbanks says the curbside campaign, however, is partly about being a service provider.

:24                  “that also”

Fairbanks suggests that for people who abuse the curbside program and simply dump trash, they could be billed for that.

Mayor Stan Wirth says elected officials must decide how they want to refine the program, to get rid of the abuses.  He says the project hasn’t been the same since starting in the late 80s.

:27                  “unacceptable”

The issue now goes back to the Beatrice Board of Public Works to discuss new limitations on what can be placed at curbside.

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