Beatrice Water System Loss Rate, Low

BEATRICE – The City of Beatrice water system pumped about 1.3 billion gallons the past year…with about 1.27 billion of that metered and sold.  Water Superintendent Steve Kelley says that’s only a two-percent loss rate.

:06                  “quite honestly”

A loss of under 10% is considered good by industry standards…..under 5%, excellent.

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While the city residents and businesses used about 52% of the water pumped last year, Koch Nitrogen used about 47%…and Agrium, one-percent.  Both industrial users are located northwest of Beatrice, and are able to use higher nitrate concentration water from older wells.

In the city, underground water reservoirs both tested under three parts-per-million nitrate…..well under the 10 parts-per-million safe level.

Kelley says while water use has trended downward in the past twenty years, it’s begun to increase, since the Beatrice Biodiesel plant…another large user…began operations.

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