Chicken Processing Plant Continues to Move Forward

FREMONT – Big things are happening in Fremont, including the turning of dirt on the chicken processing plant site.

Jessica Kolterman, Lincoln Premium Poultry community relations director, gave KHUB/KFMT an update Wednesday morning on what’s going on with Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry chicken processing plant.

The big headliner lately regarding the chicken processing plant has been about the new location of the lagoons, which are now not on the plant site, but closer to the wastewater treatment plant.

Kolterman explained that it was not a request from Costco or Lincoln Premium Poultry to move the lagoons. The request was made by the City and these lagoons will not just be for the chicken processing plant, but also for Hormel, Fremont Beef and other industrial users.

City Administrator Brian Newton announced at the previous city council meeting that with the moving of the lagoons, we can now double our methane production.

“Kudos to the City for having the foresight to look down the road and say what’s going to be best for our citizens and what’s going to be best for moving forward with these ideas,” said Kolterman. “It also allows, as I understand it, on that site – potentially in the future – build more lagoons if they need them, where as if they were on our site, there was only a certain amount of space available.”

Kolterman said that she is really excited about a local business they just partnered with, who will be involved with the building of the barns for the growers.

“It’s in Schulyer. It’s QC Supply and they’re going to be overseeing the building of those barns, so if you’re a sub-contractor – somebody who wants to be involved in building – QC Supply would love to hear from you,” said Kolterman.

According to Kolterman, right now they are in the process of determining who the growers will be and where they are going to put the barns.

“We do send people out to do an evaluation and collaboration with QC Supply, to kind of help look at some of the structural and engineering aspects of, if we’re going to put up a barn, what does the lay of the land look like,” said Kolterman.

One other thing that Kolterman is also excited about is the young growers that are getting involved, whether that be a high school or college-aged kid who wants to do this with their dad.

“It’s like this whole generational thing, and that’s really really cool as a Nebraskan to see that these younger kids are still engaging in agriculture. They want to come back to the farm. They want to find those opportunities.” said Kolterman. “I just think those are great stories and that’s exactly what Nebraska is all about and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

Kolterman said they have had more growers than they need apply, but they are still accepting applications, so the opportunity is still there, you just have to reach out to them.

According to Kolterman, the plan is to start placing birds in barns toward the end of 2018.

If there are any potential growers out there who are still interested, you can call 402-641-8471.

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