City Of Hanover Water Operator Clears Up Water Confusion

City Of Hanover Water Operator Clears Up Water Confusion
Water Operator Scott Wieden speaks to News Channel Nebraska.

HANOVER – Water Operator Scott Wieden says, “Our water system and what they are doing up there are two separate things.”

A Drinking Water Notice was sent out to residents on July 26 stating that the City of Hanover public water supply system had not collected enough coliform samples to meet health standards in February of 2015, and in May and July of 2016.

Drinking Water Notice provided to News Channel Nebraska from Hanover resident.

Wieden says the notice was sent out on behalf of the public’s interest and to inform them the issue was being resolved with using proper routine methods in the future.

Some confusion has circled around Wieden’s notice to the public and another separate issue regarding a water remediation project.

The Commodity Credit Corporation and U.S. Department of Agriculture operated a grain storage facility and a storage building from 1950 to 1976. Carbon tetrachloride, a grain fumigant used at the facility, has been detected in the groundwater and soil vapor beneath the site.

The CCC/USDA and Argonne National Laboratory along with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are currently working on properly extracting and treating the contaminated water at that site. Construction on an extraction well began in July 2017.

The treated water will then go on to be utilized by the school district and the city as irrigation water for the football field, and all other fields.

A map provided to community members explaining where the former CCC/USDA facility site was and where 750 ft. extraction well will be placed.

You can learn more about the project by clicking here.

Wieden says the city does not collect drinking water from this former CCC/USDA facility site.

He tells News Channel Nebraska, “We buy our water from the Washington County Rural Water District #1.”


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