City of Norfolk Hosts Third City Auction

The City of Norfolk is finding new homes for city property and unclaimed items.

On Wednesday, the Norfolk Police Department auctioned off surplus items and property never claimed by rightful owners. Norfolk Police Captain Michael Bauer says the library was a big contributor of items.

“Well this year with the library expansion project that’s going on the library has a lot of excess furniture, and luckily with the auction here that was a great way to offer it to the public and recover some of the cost associated with it.”

Unclaimed property takes up a lot of storage space, so Bauer says the auction is a great way to start from scratch each year.

“Well this year we have about 45 bicycles, we have had up to about 75 bicycles, and those are space consuming. We only have so much room to store the cycles, so that’s one of our main reasons to have the auction, to clean house and start over. It also gives us an opportunity to clean out some of the evidence room of things that still have value and can be offered to the public.”

Bauer explains a number of organizations benefit from the money raised at the auction.

“Anything from the police department and the recovered property, those proceeds will actually end up with the school system. That’s governed by state law. Excess city property such as the library property, any extra property from the police department or fire department that’s here will go back to the general fund of the city.”

This was the third year of the police auction, and Bauer says they plan to continue the event in the future.

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