Club House Project Dominates Discussion At Wayne City Council Meeting

Club House Project Dominates Discussion At Wayne City Council Meeting
Luke Virgil represented the LB840 committee on multiple issues at Wayne City Council meeting

WAYNE – The Wayne City Council met for their first November meeting Tuesday night at City Hall. Once again, the Wayne Country Clubhouse renovation project took centerstage during the meeting. Sidewalks, parking amendments and other issues were also discussed.

At the last City Council meeting, Country Club representative, Rusty Parker told the council that the club was short of their project total and said they were interested in requesting the roughly $60,000 left in the LB840 fund. The project is being funded by what was originally a $150,000 LB840 loan and donations from the public. At Tuesday’s meeting the council had to decide whether to add the $60,000 onto the loan, making it a $210,000 interest free,15-year loan. The question drew lots of discussion, according to City Administrator, Wes Blecke.

“It’s a unique project because the City legally owns the country club, proper, right now, and so the improvements made to the country club are coming from City monies, where are those monies coming from-that was the discussion,” Blecke said.

Some members of the council stated they would feel better if the money was pulled directly from the Electric Fund, as that is where the LB840 money would be coming from anyway. Councilmembers Giese, Sievers and Haase voted against using LB840 money for the renovation project to preserve the fund, since ultimately City money will pay for the project. They were outvoted 5-3. A bid of $569,000 was accepted for the project, but in total, the Country Club has opted to cut costs and will reflect that through change orders for the project.

David Lindner was granted a waiver of sidewalk requirements from the Council. The issue of whether to require sidewalks that would lead to nowhere is another reoccurring issue the Council faces. Owners who either didn’t previously have neighboring properties or know they won’t, can apply for a waiver, as Lindner did, but at any time, the City can require sidewalks be poured.

“That’s tough because you’re expected to put in a sidewalk that could go to nowhere and may not be developed for years and years and years,” Blecke said.

The municipal code was amended to allow parking on the south side of the new 4th Street, by the rugby fields, as opposed to the northside. There will also be no parking from midnight to 5 a.m. for the same area.

“There’s a lot of recreation opportunities on the south side of the street, with rugby, baseball, soccer, softball, t-ball, whatever is going on down there,” Blecke said. “And so it made sense that people aren’t being forced to park on the north side of the street and having to cross traffic.”

The City’s schedule of fees for building permit fees, select Community Activity Center fees and equipment rental, was amended, as was the Southview II Subdivision agreement. The agreement was amended to clarify that Battle Creek Farmers Cooperative have no liability in the development aspect of the area.

Agreements with the Nebraska Department of Roads and with the Greenwood Cemetery Association were approved. Payments of $67,157.09 and $16,886.66 were made to Karian Peterson Powerline Contracting, LLC and Klein Electric, Inc., respectively, and discussion of changing Beaumont Event Center’s loan to a grant was tabled until the next meeting.

The next Wayne City Council meeting will be held at City Hall on November 21st at 5:30 p.m.

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