Colfax County Senior Citizen Center Garage Sale Takes Place in Schuyler

SCHUYLER – The Colfax County Senior Citizen Garage Sale is taking place on Thursday and Friday inside the Oak Ballroom.

“On Friday we have what we call a ‘box sale’ and the box sale is you get a box and you fill it up for three dollars,” Rose Kracl, Garage Sale Board Member said.

Everything that is found and being sold came from donations people made on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The donations we were very pleased with. We didn’t have as many big items as we usually get but that’s okay because if we don’t sell them we have to find some place to disperse them but we’re very satisfied with the donations that we got. The community has been very good to us,” Kracl said.

Items that do not sell are boxed up and get sent to either Goodwill, Simon House and the Salvation Army in Columbus.

People can find T-Shirts and children’s clothes for 50 cents, jeans for two dollars, shoes, purses, books and more.

“The money that we are raising for this year has been for a new heating and conditioning system at the senior center,” Kracl explained. “Our current system is 28 years old and it’s kind of getting a little iffy if it’s going to cool or heat once in a while so that’s what our goal was this year to raise money specifically for that,” Kracl said.

The sale will go on until 4 p.m. on Thursday and from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Friday.