Columbus Council Approves $280,000 Upgrade to Bradshaw Park

COLUMBUS, Neb. – Bradshaw Park will soon have some needed upgrades.

The Columbus city council unanimously approved a $280,000 bid for advertisers, which authorizes a major upgrade to Bradshaw Park, that allows for a new building that will hold improved restrooms, a storage facility, a concession stand and a shelter overhang.

Public Property Director for Columbus Doug Moore says the renovations will be worth the money for the hundreds in attendance of midget football games that take place at the park.

“There’s about a two block walk to get to the bathrooms, because you have to walk over to the softball fields. So for some of our patrons that are elderly, younger or whatever, to get to the bathroom was quite a walk,” says Moore.

While the restroom upgrades, which will include facilities for three women and two men at a time, were the main part of the plan, Mayor Jim Bulkley made a point to say that the renovations are more than just a bathroom, something Moore echoed.

“But, it’s not just a restroom, it’s a storage facility, it’s concession stand,” says Moore.

Moore said the city has issues with the old building that is planned for demolition.

“There currently is a storage building there that was the original building sitting out there and it sits a little low compared to everything else. So water problems that we have out there go through that building , so that storage building will be town down,” says Moore.

The approval on Monday allows contractors to start bidding on the project, using the specifications made by the architecture firm TSP.

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