County-Wide Housing Study Identifies a Housing Need in Dodge County **VIDEO**

FREMONT – A presentation on the recent County-Wide Housing Study with Strategies for Affordable Housing was given to the Dodge County community by Hanna:Keelan Associates out of Lincoln.

The study provides statistical and narrative data that identifies a housing profile and demand analysis for the county. The estimated housing target demand in the county by 2022 is 858 housing units, at an estimated development cost of $176 million. For Fremont the target is an estimated 676 units for an estimated cost of $127 million. Tim Keelan presented the study, and he says those numbers increase when using the ED “Boost” scenarios which utilizes the potential creation of 1,000 full-time employment (FTE) opportunities.

“Around 1,500 units are going to be needed in Dodge County overall. And closer around 1,200 units for Fremont,” said Keelan. “That’s a fairly aggressive number. The first number is kind of conservative.  You definitely need to address it. This number is a bit more energetic. But it still can happen with the increase of additional jobs.”

The study also looked at the estimated target housing rehabilitation and demolition demand for the county. 1,443 units need rehabilitation in the county, and 260 units have more replacement value than the cost of rehabilitation. For Fremont, 1,148 units could use rehabilitation and 148 units could use replacement.

The study also presented a Five-Year Housing Action Plan. The plan states the challenge the county will have in the next five years will be developing housing units for low- to moderate-income families, the elderly, and special population households, with attention given to workforce households. Keelan says their study also includes potential housing/funding partners that are available to create new and preserve existing housing in the county.

“This is all the groups in Dodge County which have something to do with housing,” said Keelan. “You’ll find through creating housing partnerships you are going to benefit greatly. You will be one step ahead of other communities and counties if you create this partnership.”

The full County-Wide Housing Study with Strategies for Affordable Housing will be available to the public online at after noon on Friday.

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