Dodge County Board of Supervisors Amend Piece of Livestock Matrix **VIDEO**

FREMONT – The Dodge County Board of Supervisors held their first meeting of 2018 on Wednesday morning.

The board started the meeting off with accepting nominations and holding elections for the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for 2018. Supervisor Bob Missel was nominated to be Chairman of the Board once again and received a unanimous vote. Supervisor Lon Strand was nominated to be the Vice-Chairman, and he also received a unanimous vote.

Later in the meeting the Board of Supervisors discussed and considered an amendment to the Nebraska Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix. The amendment was to the wording in one sentence of the document in regards to any project that reaches over 75 points on the matrix. Missel says this small amendment better represents what the matrix was adopted to be which is a tool.

“The wording in the matrix stated that it “shall be” approved. We changed it to “it shall be considered” instead,” explained Missel. “When we approved the matrix in the first place, that was the intent. It was caught at one point by a Planning Commission member that the wording as it read to the person filling it out, if they hit that number then they were done. But that really wasn’t the case. So we felt we needed to make that change to make it a better tool.”

A motion was made to approve the amendment to the Nebraska Livestock Siting Assessment Matrix which passed with a unanimous vote. The board also approved the resolutions setting elected officials’ salaries for the upcoming four-year term, beginning on January, 2019.

Missel says looking ahead to the future of 2018 one thing the board is looking forward to is continuing progress on the Highway 30 Realignment Project.

“We’re certainly looking forward to phase two of the Highway 30 Realignment Project. Phase two is from Rogers to North Bend, and then phase three will be from North Bend to Fremont,” said Missel. “It’s just exciting to see that progress. We constantly hear complaints about the existing Highway 30 and the dangers on that road. So we’re excited to see that project move forward.”

Missel says one of the challenges they expect to face in the new year is continuing to cope with the increased population housed in the jail. He also adds his immediate future will involve putting together committee assignments for 2018.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

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