Fairbury Flag Lady Promotes Flag Day, Patriotism

FAIRBURY – To many, the fact that June 14th is Flag Day goes un-noticed. Not so for one Fairbury native.

Peggy Galloway is passionate about old glory. So much so, she’s made a business out of selling American made, American flags.

Galloway says, “People don’t pay as much attention as they used to. After 9/11, flags were everywhere. Everybody was american and they were proud of it. So, where did they go?”

She adds, “I want to see that pride all the time now without a tragedy to bring it up.”

Her passion for the flag has carried over to other opportunities. She’s an active volunteer with Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. It’s an organization that that supports businesses, service members, and their families.

“It’s a passion for me,” she says, “If these people didn’t do what they do all of the time, we can’t fly this flag. That is why they do it. The least we can do as business owners is to keep their jobs secure while they go do that.”

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