Fremont High School Student Leaves for Marine Corps Boot Camp in January

FREMONT – With Veteran’s Day approaching KHUB and KFMT invited two special guests to speak during the Tiger Talk portion of The Morning Show.

Katelin Perez is a senior at Fremont High School. She’s also a U.S. Marine Corps Recruit. She says she has always wanted to enter into the military. Her inspiration to enlist was her family, which is personally involved in the military.

“I come from a pretty big family of military members.” said Perez. “My mom was in the Army, and my brother is currently in the Navy. And that has been a big influence on me. I just really have always wanted to do this.”

Perez was recruited to the U.S. Marine Corps by Sergeant Michael Alfaro, who is a U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Sergeant stationed in Fremont. He has served for just over seven years. He says he started his duty in Japan.

“I was actually station in Okinawa, Japan for my first duty station. From there I was deployed to Afghanistan for seven months, and then to Thailand,” said Sgt. Alfaro. “I actually had the opportunity to help build a school for kids out there. To see them go from little straw huts to an actual building, it’s astonishing.”

The U.S. Marine Corps wasn’t a branch of the military that Perez had considered before she was recruited. Sgt. Alfaro says that’s often the case with most recruits. He says people often have their own idea of what the U.S. Marine Corps does, but he says there’s so much more.

“I think it was her friends that influenced her. She’d always been thinking about the military, but Marine Corps wasn’t the top choice. It’s not the top choice for everybody,” said Sgt. Alfaro. “That’s because it’s scary. It’s true. A lot of people have a preconception of the Marine Corps. But when they actually open their options and look into it, it’s a whole different world. It’s not just kicking in doors and winning wars. There’s more to it.”

Perez will graduate from high school next month. On January 2nd she will leave for U.S. Marine Corps boot camp in North Carolina.

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