Fremont’s First Solar Farm Nears Completion **VIDEO**

FREMONT – Fremont’s first solar farm is nearing completion and will soon be online.

According to Fremont’s city administrator Brian Newton not much construction is left to be done on the first solar farm. Crews are currently working on the solar panels and will then complete the project after installing what’s called inverters.

“The panels are starting to be put on the racking. The racking has been done, but the panels are now starting to get put on,” said Newton. “They’re probably about half way done with the panels. Then once those are all up, then they’ll go back and start installing the inverters. And inverters are what converts the direct current to alternating current, which goes back into our electric system.”

Work on the city’s solar farm was interrupted and delayed due to the heavy amounts of rain in October, putting the construction on a new timeline. But Newton says the work is on schedule with the new timeline, and crews will soon be back out to finish the construction.

“The timeline is pretty much the same. The cold weather certainly had its toll,” said Newton. “They had the week off last week, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, obviously. But they’ll be back this week and get started again. So it’ll probably be done sometime toward the end of this month. Then we’ll get it commissioned and hopefully have it online sometime in February.”

Due to the positive response and overwhelming interest from the community regarding the first solar farm, the City of Fremont decided to move forward with the beginning phases of creating a second solar farm. A waitlist has already  been made and people are still signing up. Newton says they are waiting for a couple of things to happen before they move to the next stage for the second solar farm.

“We’re actually are waiting for two things. We’re waiting for this farm to get up and running. That way everybody can see that it does work,” explained Newton. “And second we are waiting to hear if we got a grant. We made a grant request for $300,000 for the next phase of the second solar farm. So we’re waiting to hear from the grants.”

Anyone with and questions or wanting to put their name on the waitlist for the second solar farm can call the Department of Utilities at (402) 727-2600.

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