Haunted Tales with KHUB and KFMT – Fremont Opera House **VIDEO**

FREMONT – To get into the Halloween spirit KHUB and KFMT took a look around some haunted areas in Fremont.

The last haunted area of Fremont that we investigated was the Fremont Opera House. This theater was built by James Wheeler Love in 1888. It was bought by L.P. Larson in 1905, and was renamed the L.P. Larson Opera House. It continues to be one of the largest remaining opera houses in the state, as well as one of the most haunted.

It’s said some of the performers never stopped performing at the opera house, even after death. Our guest Liz Rayl from the Shadows of Fremont Historical Tours had a story about a vendor who worked out of the opera house, and the chilling and unexplained experience they had.

“We’ve gotten stories over the years, and we talked to the woman who owned Taste of Elegance. They did the catering business out of the opera house. She worked there for several years, and they would hear noises or some of their utensils would move,” said Rayl. “One night where they had something going on at night and then something going on in the morning, she and her staff decided to spend the night. They had placed a tape recorded up stairs. The next day they were listening to it, and it’s static. Then all of a sudden you hear a woman singing and then a single hand clap.”

Perhaps some of the old performers took the saying “the show must go on” seriously. Even to their grave. Maybe even L.P. Larson himself has come back to play his trumpet for those still residing in the opera house.

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