Line Failure Found….Repairs to Wymore Rural Water Underway

BEATRICE – Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District officials say a transmission line break in the Wymore Rural Water System has been found, and repairs will be getting underway.  However, it means rural customers may not have water pressure fully restored for about three or four days.

NRD Manager Dave Clabaugh says the leak was in an eight-inch heavy PVC line that runs from a pump house near Wymore, to a water tower three miles away.

:23                  “tough, tough find”

Clabaugh said the good news was that the break did not happen underneath the Big Blue River.

Crews are on site and Clabaugh says repairs are getting underway.  If repaired by this evening, it will take another ten hours to fill the water tower and pipelines.  He says it’s hoped customers will be getting some water by Tuesday afternoon.

:17                  “be able to drink it”

Clabaugh said the failure occurred on an elbow of the transmission line, not far  from a pump house.  He says it appears the pipe pulled apart at the elbow.

The failure was along South 59th Road near Wymore.

Clabaugh says between three p.m. and seven p.m today (Monday), people needing water can come to the Wymore Fire Station.

:19                  “gallon tanks, or whatever”

A boil notice will be issued by the Lower Big Blue NRD when service is resumed.  The rural water district has over 200 customers and went online about five years ago.  It gets water from the City of Wymore and transports it to rural customers, who previously relied only on individual wells.

You can get updates on the Wymore Rural Water system at the Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District website…at

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