Local Law Officers Continue to Receive Reports of Scams

BEATRICE – Gage County Sheriff’s investigators say they continue to receive calls reporting schemes to cheat people out of money.

A Barneston resident called the Gage County Sheriffs’ Office and notified an investigator she had gotten a telephone call from someone claiming to be with the Attorney General’s Office.  The caller said there had, or would be a warrant issued for her arrest unless she contacted them immediately.

The resident said she believed the incident to be an attempt to defraud her and did not call back to give them any information.

In a second case, a Wymore resident notified a Gage County Sheriff’s Office investigator of a phone call she received from a male with a foreign accent who claimed to be from “Medicare” and was going to send her a back brace.  She had not requested one.  The woman became suspicious and hung up the phone after the suspect became mad when she said she didn’t believe him. The woman did not lose any money and did not disclose any personal, confidential, or financial information. The Wymore Police Department was notified of the report to the sheriff’s office.

The Gage County Sheriff’s Office urges residents to use caution when dealing with persons who call up and make demands for money, or do so through the mail, Internet, or in person.  Anyone who receives a suspicious call should immediately contact their local police department or call the Gage County Sheriff’s Office and speak with an investigator.

Officers also urge caution when dealing with unsolicited telephone calls, offers of “free” products, any dealings on the phone, via the mail, in person, or over the Internet.

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