Louisiana Girl Gives Hugs to Nebraska City Police, Wants to Go to Every State

NEBRASKA CITY – A seven-year-old Louisiana girl arrived in Nebraska City Friday on a mission to harmonize what she heard her father preach on Sunday and what she was seeing on the national news.

After deadly shootings in Texas and Baton Rouge, Rosalyn Baldwin told her parents, God wants me to show police that they are loved. When her parents took her to a local station she was thrilled to hug the police officers there.
Her mother said there, ‘you’ve done it,’ but the little girl said “no mommy, the whole nation.”

Angie Baldwin talked about all the media attention.

Baldwin: “This is nice, this is awesome, a blessing for us to see you all here. But we want the attention on them. We want the community to understand that she is here really to spread love throughout, everywhere.”

Rosalyn has already offered hugs in 15 states and her mom says she hopes to visit all 50 states within a couple of years.

The Nebraska City visit, which included Otoe County sheriff’s deputies  and Nebraska State Troopers, will be her only stop in Nebraska. She is planning to go to Chicago next.

In addition to hugging over a dozen officers, Rosalyn sat down for an interview.

Rosalyn: “Why are hugs important?  Because, they just need them because of all they’ve done for us.

You got something you want to tell us, something you want the people of Nebraska to know about you and why you decided to do this. “I want them to know about me that I love them.”

Her trip to Nebraska City included lunch at the Keeping Room and a visit to the Tree Adventure trail at Arbor Day Farm.

Her mom said a 50-state tour was not on her personal to do list, but she was convinced by the sincerity of her daughter. Once an interview session was over, Rosalyn searched out more officers in the room for hugs and encouragement. “That’s what she’s about. That’s what she likes to do.”

Officers in Alaska in need of a hug may be in luck. When asked where she is most looking forward to visit, Alaska was her answer.

Rosalyn: “God gave me this idea because of everything police officers do for us and they save us.”

Awaiting hugs
Trooper Jones
Coray Bell
A handshake too
Mission accomplished
Media mics up Rosalyn

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