Magnuson Hopkins Breaks Ground On New Clinic Wednesday

WAYNE – Magnuson Hopkins EyeCare broke ground on their new clinic location Wednesday afternoon.

The staff of Magnuson Hopkins welcomed the public before grabbing the gold shovels to officially begin the process of building a new clinic. Dr. Josh Hopkins expects a relatively quick turn-around.

“We’ll probably start dirt work here any day, and then we should be up and running, they’re saying, by June 1st,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins purchased the lot east of Dollar General last July and looks forward to seeing the progress.

“Every step gets a little more exciting,” Hopkins said. “It’ll be great to see things start to happen, the planning process and tweaking and one little thing after another thing and all the little decisions, it’s great to actually see something start to happen.”

Hopkins hopes that by expanding the building, he and his team will be able to offer things they couldn’t before.

“That is kind of the direction we’re going, is to be able to offer those things that you can’t get unless you go to Omaha or Sioux Falls and so hopefully we’ll be able to draw closer to our area with some vision training and some other things that we can offer here with the new facility,” Hopkins said.


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