Nebraska Students Test Higher Than Average On ACT

NEBRASKA – Nebraska students are outperforming the national average when it comes to ACT scores, according to a press release from the Nebraska Department of Education.

Nebraska’s average ACT score in 2017 held stead from last year’s average composite score of 21.4. Nationally the average score is 21.0 and only two states that have 80 percent or more graduates take the test, Minnesota and South Dakota, outscored Nebraska.

Only 22 states have 80 percent or more graduating senior take the ACT. Nebraska, one of the 22, also had increased participation in the test that gauges college readiness. In 2017, 18,993 Nebraska students took the test compared to 18,598 in 2016. 2018 is also looking bright for ACT scores, as the test was offered for free to all juniors in public schools.

Among other finding from the Nebraska Department of Education: Nebraskan students scored higher in all individual testing areas than the national average, reading and math scores increased for Nebraskan students, while science and english scores remained the same. Also noted was the fact that 90 percent of students who took the ACT plan on post-secondary education and Nebraska’s STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Science) score, which predicts STEM-readiness is also higher than the national average. The study showed that Nebraska schools have an achievement gap between Hispanic and African American Students and white and Asian American students, with the latter showing more college readiness by testing better on the ACT.

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