NeSA Will Look and Perform Differently in 2017-2018 School Year

NORFOLK, NE —The State Department of Education is implementing change.

2016-2017 was the last year Norfolk Public Schools were measured by the Nebraska State Accountability standards. For the 2017-2018 school year how test are administered will change, according to NPS board member, Beth Nelson.

“It won’t be called NeSA and they are going to change the test engine. Currently the Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) has put together a testing engine that Norfolk Public Schools will incorporate it’ll now move the state in using NWEA, the MAP form of testing engine to perform our state test.”

Nelson says that it will have the same type of learning targets and assessments, just the test will just look different and become more interactive and critical.

“We want our students to use a higher level of thinking and engage them in the test so they have to do more problem solving so it isn’t just recall.”

The State Department of Education standards are revised every five to seven years. Nelson says the last phase includes college career and readiness standards which are more rigorous than the current standard.

Nelson says that supporting the school and students in any way they can is the ultimate goal of NPS.

“Day in and day out we should be supporting our students with learning that is embedding deeper thinking and higher reasoning skills.

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