Norfolk Residents Protest Recent Raids

NORFOLK – The ripple effects of the ICE raids in Nebraska on Wednesday have continued to spark a response by those in several communities.

Protestors gathered at 13th Street and West Norfolk Avenue Thursday afternoon in response to the raids in O’Neill, Ainsworth, Stromsburg, Royal, and Bartlett.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement was part of an operation in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Nevada that indicted 17 business owners and managers of companies designed to provide an illegal alien workforce. Also included in the indictment were 133 workers who were arrested.

“Ice has got to do their job and I disagree with it but if you’re here illegally, you’re going to have to face the consequences of your actions, but at the same time what Americans need to realize is, Americans won’t work the jobs that these people are raiding that their taking,” Local Resident James Nichols.

He continues and explains why he see’s both sides of the issue.

“I’m with it and against it. I’m with it completely because we shouldn’t be hating on no group of people. We’re all human beings, we all have the same DNA types. There is no difference in anybody because of your skin color. That’s stupidity beyond belief, to even think that there’s something different in one human being in another just because of their skin color or because of their nationality or where they came from.”

“What is it that we do here? We come here and we look for opportunities that we don’t have anywhere else, and you know it’s not just Hispanics, it’s all sorts of people from all around the world. This nation has been built by immigrants, you know? From way back then. We’re just here in support of those people,” says Jasmine Chaves.

She also wants people who disagree with what they’re standing for to think about how immigrants do jobs that many Americans would not want to do.

“I would just like to say keep fighting and we’re going to be heard. All these people that are here that have left their jobs, They came here to help support, and If we can get so many people to help support than they have to listen to us,” says Chaves.

The protest is scheduled to continue through midnight.

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