Norfolk Swears in 27th Police Chief

NORFOLK – Well Norfolk officially has a new Chief of Police. Captain turned Chief Don Miller was sworn in Monday evening, but he still isn’t quite used to the new title yet.

Miller said, “It feels awkward. I’m sure I will answer the phone ‘Captain’ for weeks, if not months ahead.”

After being sworn in, Chief Miller spoke to a room full of his family, friends, coworkers, and other members of the community. He talked about the past — and the 28 years as a police officer leading up to this point… then he talked about the present — and the honor of being sworn into office in the council chambers, before finally looking forward…

“Going into the future it’s a matter of continuing on with what we have already been doing. Maintaining the training and expertise. Helping everybody understand we have a job to do. It might not be popular, but we need to be strong, we need to be fair, and treat people with dignity and respect even when they do make mistakes. And help those good people in a bad situation walk through those dark times and help them come out on the other end, being productive members of society again.”

There were some tender moments at the ceremony.. as Chief Miller embraced his family and his wife pinned on the new badge. HE says that type of support is the driving force behind his successful career.

Miller said he is very close with my family, and having the support is the only way to be successful in a job like this — “you need to have family and you need to have faith.”

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