Oertwich & Moser Go Back And Forth Ahead Of Tuesday’s Election

COLUMBUS – District 22 Legislative candidate Doug Oertwich is calling on opponent Mike Moser to reject the Nebraska State Education Association’s (NSEA) endorsement, and return the $3000 in contributions he received from the organization.

Oertwich is also asking Moser to condemn what he says are false and misleading ads that are currently aired on local radio, which are also funded by the NSEA. Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission records show that the NSEA has made contributions to Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, totaling $130,000 to date.

Records also show that Citizens for a Better Tomorrow has reported spending $144,486 in opposition to several Republican candidates, including Oertwich.

“I call on Mike Moser to condemn the false and misleading ads, reject the NSEA endorsement and return their contributions,” declared Doug Oertwich. “This is a matter of character. The link is obvious. The NSEA gives Citizens for a Better Tomorrow and then that group makes false and misleading attacks on myself and others. If I have anything to say about Mike, I put my name behind it. I don’t hide behind some shadowy front group.”

“Let me be clear, this is not about rank and file teachers, who I have a tremendous amount of respect for,” added Oertwich. “I believe they would be ashamed and embarrassed if they knew how their dues money was being used.”

Moser gave exclusive comments to News Channel Nebraska regarding the claims made by Oertwich.

“This is a ridiculous and desperate attempt by my opponent to get attention from the media about his failing campaign,” said Moser. “I am proud of the positive campaign that I have run. Citizens are tired of negative advertising and I agree wholeheartedly. My opponent should be ashamed and apologize for the negative and false mailers and push polls that he has used to attack me. District 22 school teachers, some of who taught my daughter’s classes, interviewed three of the District 22 candidates and I am proud that they chose to support my campaign. Bringing this ridiculous drama to the press at this late date shows poor judgment on the part of my opponent and his Omaha campaign manager. The voters deserve better!”

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