Plans are being Drafted for New Fountain at John C. Fremont City Park

FREMONT – The process to building a new fountain at John C. Fremont City Park is continuing, but most likely won’t reach the Fremont City Council for a while.

Don Cunningham, Fremont resident and head of The Friends of the Fremont Fountain says he should have a rough draft planned for the fountain this week. He says he expects the fountain will be slightly larger than the one on the Midland University campus. He adds the idea to rebuild a fountain in the park actually came up back in 2007.

“There was a group of interested Fremont residents at that time who looked at the entire John C. Fremont park and came up with a game plan as to how to plot out certain features around that site,” said Cunningham. “The fountain was one of those.”

Cunningham says he has met with the Parks and Recreation board. He says the response to the idea has been positive, but because they are moving through each step carefully, the plans most likely won’t reach the Fremont City Council for a while.

“We’re going through the process very carefully, step by step. I’ve had a couple of meetings with our Parks and Rec board,” said Cunningham. “The response I’ve got is really upbeat and encouraging. If we can get the plan to the board, they can look at it and see what’s possible and what isn’t. Then we’ll go to the city council. I don’t see that coming to the council docket for some time.”

Cunningham says some donations have already come through in their initial fundraising stage, which includes a GoFundMe page and a fund at First State Bank, but he says their main objective at this point is to have a real plan drafted. So far the total amount of money donated has passed $1,500.

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