Public More Informed About Q&A Sholes Winds Project Meeting

WAYNE – The Wayne County Board of Commissioners finalized the wind turbine townhall meeting scheduled for Wednesday evening during their Tuesday morning regularly scheduled meeting.

From the Wayne County Courthouse meeting room, board members heard from Bobbi McCormick where she asked some more questions about the meeting. The Wind Turbine townhall meeting will be a question and answer meeting where a moderator will be in charge. Rules will be posted through a projector on a wall at the Fire Hall, located at 510 Tomar Drive with NEXTera Energy Representatives present answering questions starting at 6 p.m.

Chairs will be set up in a “horse-shoe” like shape with NEXTera representatives out front next to the moderator who will go over the meeting expectations. Security will be present as well.

For those coming to the meeting that have attended similar meetings in northeast Nebraska pertaining to wind energy, this meeting will be different. Since Wayne County doesn’t have zoning, that will not be a topic at hand, rather the subject being NEXTera and their Sholes Wind Farm that has most of their landowners selected in Wayne County. NEXTera doesn’t work with or through Lincoln Clean Energy or any other wind company that has talked about placing towers in Wayne County.

During the talk with Highway Superintendent, Mark Casey the County Road Agreement with NEXTera will be looked at further into detail with the County Attorney.

Wayne County Board of Commissioners talked more about getting grant money through the State Historic Preservation Office tax credits. The money would be used for masonry and entry door restoration, possibly a security door. Commissioners will visit more with Jerry at the NACO event in December.

Also, as the contract with MAXIMUS was expiring a renewal was brought up for the Commissioners to sign and extend the contract. MAXIMUS provides consulting services for the recovery of indirect costs related to Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement.

The next regularly scheduled Wayne County Board of Commissioners meeting will be on Tuesday, December 19 at 9 a.m.

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