Residents Band Together to Bring Back Historic Centerpiece of John C. Fremont Park

FREMONT – A group of Fremont residents going by the name of Friends of the Fremont Fountain are trying to raise money to bring a piece of history back to John C. Fremont Park.

The group is working under the umbrella of Friends of the Fremont Area Parks to try and raise money to bring a fountain back to John C. Fremont Park. According to Don Cunningham, a member of the group, after talking with a few residents who had lived in Fremont for many years he learned a fountain was once in the middle in the park.

“There was a fountain for a long time near the old middle school. I believe it sat close to the middle of the park. And in the 1940’s I guess it was quite the attraction,” said Cunningham. “Then for whatever reason, time and money, it just kind of fell apart. Individuals told me around the 1970’s it was completely taken out and grassed over. And that’s the last they’ve seen of it.”

Cunningham says the idea to bring back the fountain morphed from the conversations he had with older residents at John C. Fremont Days this summer. The group currently has a Facebook page, and is putting together a GoFundMe page.

The group’s goal is to raise $20,000. According to Cunningham their statement is that if a thousand people can donate $20 to their cause, then the goal can be reached. Because the group is under the umbrella of Friends of the Fremont Area Parks, a 501 (c) (3), donations to their fund at First State Bank are tax deductible. Cunningham says he thinks the idea of bringing the fountain back has many positives, and would love to see it up for the next John C. Fremont Days celebration.

“I just think there’s so many positives to it. Plus if people drive by it on Broad Street, what a picture that would be of our town to have a fountain there going all through the spring and summer, and into the fall,” said Cunningham. “And then what we could do with it. With a few lights, red, white, and blue, we could jazz it up during our national holidays. This could be a lot of fun. And all it would take is $20 out of your pocket. And if enough people did that, we got it.”

For more information you can visit the group’s Facebook page, Friends of the Fremont Fountain.

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