Rohwer Says Public Schools Up To The Task Of Education Complexities

NEBRASKA CITY – Dr. Keith Rohwer of Nebraska Public School Advantage described the complexity of education at a Nebraska City Rotary meeting Wednesday and said he feels public schools are up to the task.

Rohwer, superintendent of Nebraska City schools from 1993 to 2008, is one of three former superintendents crossing the state to promote advocacy for public education in cooperation with Nebraska Loves Public Schools.

He said it’s an important time for education as Nebraska faces challenges in language barriers, special student needs, discipline and funding. He said advocacy is about providing the community a clear picture about school issues.

Keith Rohwer

Rohwer: “I think our role is to help make sure people have accurate information and understand all of the positive things that are happening in the public schools each and every day.”

Nebraska Public School Advantage received financial support from the Sherwood Foundation to share stories about innovative education practices and Nebraska school success stories.

Rohwer said it’s about getting people to think about all of the moving parts in today’s complex education environment.

Rohwer: “Teachers, administrators, schools have a lot things to address each and every day with kids and, it’s about teaching and learning, but to get to teaching and learning there are a number of other things we need to respond to.”

He said nearly everyone has had a past experience with public schools from a student perspective, but it’s helpful to learn about the realities of what happens in today’s schools. That is a task Nebraska Loves Public Schools has undertaken with its film series.

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