‘Strides for Stroke’ brings awareness to Norfolk Community

NORFOLK – The brand new track at the Norfolk YMCA was put to good use Tuesday as community members participated in Faith Regional’s Strides for Strokes event. The event was aimed to raise awareness about strokes and stroke symptoms, while providing resources for stroke victims and their caregivers. First thing’s first, what exactly is a stroke?

Doctor Belyn Schwartz explained: “In general a stroke is caused by a lack of blood flow going to the brain. It can be caused by a blood clot, or a ruptured vessel bleeding. In both cases, blood flow is stopped going to the brain, so that part of the brain does not get oxygen and that causes the damage.”

Dr. Schwartz said she wished Strokes were called brain attacks so they would be taken as seriously as heart attacks. The longer a stroke goes untreated, the worse the long term effects are, so Doctors made an easier way to remember the signs and symptoms, with BE FAST:

Remembering the signs from Be Fast could save a life. You may not think a stroke would affect you or your loved ones, but they can happen to people of all ages, and are responsible for a lot more deaths than you’d think.

Occupational Therapist and member of the Norfolk Area Stroke Group Kylie Molacek says, “In Nebraska Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death, so it hits home here in Nebraska.”

For more information you can visit StrokeAssociation.org or reach out to the Norfolk Area Stroke Group.

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