The Hope-Fremont Members will Receive Monthly Financial Literacy Classes

FREMONT – The Bank of the West is now teaming up with The Hope Center for Kids in Fremont to offer kids financial literacy classes.

The bank recently presented a gift of $7,500 to The Hope Center for Kids to support youth programming. Each month volunteers from the bank will be teaching the children at The Hope Center financial literacy classes. Jonah Renter, the youth program coordinator at The Hope-Fremont, says partnering with the Bank of the West has been an amazing experience.

“It’s been amazing working with them. They have done a great job listening to us, and meeting our kids’ needs,” said Renter. “Our kids’ needs are much different than the kids in Omaha. So they’ve done a really good job of listening to us. And really adapting the program to meet our kids’ needs, also meeting the needs of our program in Fremont as well.”

Renter says the goal of the classes is to advance the income and financial literacy of the kids in the program, who will soon be out in the real world.

“For these kids, it’s basic finance literacy. Like setting up a bank account, a savings account, a checking account. And how to write a check, and all that kind of stuff,” said Renter. “So I think that’s been really great for them to learn, because in as fast as four years, they’re going to be out in the real world. And they’re going to have to learn how to budget their money, and some of these kids have no idea what’s coming. So it’s really great teaching them that kind of curriculum.”

According to Renter, they are also working with Bank of the West to offer a similar class to the parents of members of The Hope-Fremont.

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