The LENRD Is Doing Ground Water Mapping In Northeast Nebraska

NORFOLK – The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) is doing helicopter mapping of ground water in Northeast Nebraska. Brian Bruckner, water resource manager of the LENRD says this is a big project to collect ground water data. “ This is part of a project to collect aquifer information in parts of our district in Northeast Nebraska. The concept is arial electromagnetic geo-physical exploration.”

Bruckner goes on to say that it’s a device suspended from a helicopter that transmits an electromagnetic signal towards the ground. The data is then downloaded and an interpretation is done to find out where the ground water is at.

If you see a low flying helicopter don’t worry, because the pilot has to get low to the ground to be able to get data. The ground mapping team avoids communities and structures so if there was an accident it wouldn’t hurt anything.

Bruckner says that once they get done with the project and have all of the data they need they will have this area complete. “When this project is completed we will essence have this electromagnetic data gathered for over half of our district so we’ve came a long way since the start of this project.”

For anyone who has questions about this concept you can call the LENRD and find out more information.

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