Tips on Lowering Energy Bill, as Heat Increases

COLUMBUS – With the weather continuing to get hotter as the summer progresses, NPPD shared some tips on how to save some money on your energy bill.

Nebraska Public Power District’s Clint Przymus says their are several ways to manage your energy bill costs, by managing the various equipment throughout your home.

Przymus says, those who are away from their home for a majority of the day, can lower costs, by raising the temperature on their thermostat by 6 to 8 degrees.

“Raise the temperature up before you leave, and then typically if you’re going to be gone for about 8 hours, that makes a lot of sense. What you don’t want to do, is be managing it up and down all the time,” says Przymus.

Using a ceiling fan won’t lower the temperature in your home, but using one can provide a cooling effect. Przymus says this way you can leave your thermostat at a higher temperature, and the fan will help make your home feel cooler.

“It provides a windchill effect, equal to about four degrees of using your air conditioner, and the ceiling fan is much more efficient to use than running your air conditioner,” says Przymus.

Blinds are another simple way, you can prevent your housing from heating up too much during the day.

“Anything you can do to keep that sun out during the day, like blinds, to darken your room. Big trees outside, absolutely help, but it takes a long time to grow those, so blinds are a quick an easy way to help the sun stay out of the house, and keep your house cooler during the day,” says Przymus.

Przymus also suggests that home owners routinely check their air filters in their cooling units.

“When your air filter is dirty, it makes it harder for that air to flow through it, and thus making your air conditioner work harder, making you use more electricity and raise your electric bill,” says Przymus.

Przymus says in some cases, it is cheaper to replace your air conditioner all together. NPPD has a program that will pay anywhere from $200 to $1,700 to people who by more efficient cooling units. Przymus says local stores have information on which units qualify for the NPPD program.


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