Secret Sound

It’s Ol Red 99-5’s Secret Sound, presented by Beatrice Ford Lincoln and Quicklane and Lillian Fritch Insurance Agency.

Here’s how it works:  The jackpot starts at $15.  Listen for the cue to call.  When you hear it call 402-729-3383, you’ll get to listen to the sound and make your guess.  If you make the right guess, you get to take home the jackpot!   If your guess is wrong, you get a lovely consolation prize from Nebraska Lottery and the jackpot grows by $15.

Listen weekdays between 6AM and 7PM for the cue to call.   When you hear us play it, cal 402-729-3383 for your chance to play.

Current Jackpot





Congrats to John from Beatrice who guessed “Using Dental Floss” and takes home $615

Here is what other listeners heard:

Opening a pop can
Playing Ping Pong
Eating Pop Rocks
Beer Pong
Air Hockey
Ice Falling into a Glass
Tap Dancing
Popcorn Popping
Opening a Can & Scooping Out Contents
Unrolling Tape
A Label Maker
Tape Measure
Crushing a plastic bottle and blowing it back up
Caulking Gun
Packaging Up A Box
Popping Bubble Wrap
* No Guess from caller
Pulling Masking Tape, and Shaking Spay Paint Can
Cleaning A Fish
Opening A Package of Staples, Putting In & Using a Staple Gun
Someone using stretch wrap
Mudding and Drywalling
Lighting a fire
Nail Gun
Alligator full of wood rolling down the stairs (Most Creative Perhaps?)
Old-style ice tray
Filling up a glass with soda
Rattling Deer Antlers
A winch or “come-along”
Walking with a paddleball
Playing Checkers
Bartender serving drinks
Water hitting hot oil
Liquid poured over ice
chipping a block of ice
Open a package of bacon and putting it in a frying pan